Monitoring Heterogeneous Rate of Reaction in a large 3D packed bed

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rachels1001 posted this 26 July 2019


I have a 3-D model of a packed bed that has multiple heterogeneous reactions occurring in it. I want to be able to monitor the rate of one of the reactions along the length of the bed to validate my model. I would prefer to do the result visualization in CFD-post. Because of the size of the model, I would prefer not to use data from all the cells, and want to only view the rate of reaction along the center of the packed bed (kind of assuming symmetry). 

My current approach has been to create a surface in Fluent that runs through the middle of my packed bed at the center. I then use the export data feature to export the heterogeneous rate of reaction data along the surface into a CFD-post compatible or ASCII format. However, when I take the data file into CFD-post and I try to view the data, it says that the data is "undefined" and I can't really access the values. 

Is there a typical method people use when trying to monitor rates of heterogeneous reactions? Also, is there a different kind of data file I should try exporting to for CFD-post? The user guide doesn't have a lot on reaction monitoring.

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abenhadj posted this 05 August 2019

You can try store phase interaction rate into CFF and export that to CFD-Post if still of relevance.

Best regards, Amine

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rachels1001 posted this 06 August 2019

Update: What I ended up doing was creating line/rake surfaces in Postprocessing in my regions of interest. I then went to File > Export > Solution data. I selected the ASCII File Type with Cell Center selected. I chose my heterogenous reaction rates as my quantities of interest and projected them onto the pre-created surfaces. It's an OK fix, but you do have to manually process the data in excel after. 

rwoolhou posted this 06 August 2019

If you've got a line you can also create an xy plot on the line, position v rate. That can be monitored and also written out of Fluent during the run if it's transient or whenever you want when steady. 

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