Moving mesh for the rotors of wave energy conversion device

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UTRGVMTL posted this 30 November 2018

The wave energy convertor rotor moves in still water. The rotor rotates around its shaft while the rotating shaft makes a circular motion. Like the earth's movement around the sun, the earth is orbital revolving and rotating. In this case, the rotor's revolution is active motion, using DEFINE_CG_MOTION, and the rotor's rotation is passive motion, using DEFINE_SDOF_PROPERTIES. However,  the rotor can only add one UDF in a time as a rigid body in Dynamic Mesh Zones. Therefore, how can  I achieve the rotation of the rotor around the shaft while the rotor's shaft is moving?

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rwoolhou posted this 03 December 2018

If both parts freely rotate then you can do this with sliding mesh. Set the inner zone to rotate relative to the outer moving zone. The only UDF you may need is one to calculate the forces on the blade & structure to work out the rotation speed.

kkanade posted this 04 December 2018

This may help. 

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UTRGVMTL posted this 05 December 2018

Thanks for your help. The rotation of rotor is due to push of water on the rotor. There is a little different between my case and this vedio.

UTRGVMTL posted this 05 December 2018

Thank you!

This picture shows the rotor ,which consists of three blades, is rotating in channel (2D). The motion of rotor is using DEFINE_SDOF_PROPERTIES.

I want to monitor the parameters on the each blade of rotor. However,the surface name is "rotor", I can't monitor each blade. If I name each blade like "blade1","blade2","blade3", the releative position of each blade will be changed. Therefore, what should I do to monitor the each blade.