moving Tx and Rx positions with linear steps to make scattering measurements on materials.

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rakeeb posted this 30 November 2018

Hi all 

I have modeled a multi layer material structure in HFSS to measure scattering response on the structure ( model includes multi layer structure + 2 antennas) . I have used Tx, Rx with an offset. I want to move both antennas across the axis to record the S11 response at each location. is there a way to do it automatically . simply, i want to move the antenna and source automatically. 

for exmple:  tx and rx must  start from  0,0,0, and finish at 0,0,100  at  20 steps.  at each steps response should be recorded. 


please help. 


Peter Serano posted this 30 November 2018

Hi Rakeeb,


Add a 'move' command (select object(s) then 'Edit > Arrange > Move') to each object/port you want to move and define the parameters of the move command (x,y,z) with variables. Test it's working properly by manually changing the variable(s) under 'HFSS >  Design Properties...' Then right click on the 'Optimetrics' listing in the tree and select 'Add > Parametric'. Here you can define the variables you want to sweep in stepped increments and the results/expressions you'd like to evaluate for each case.



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