Multiphase flow mixture polymere with dichlormethan and water

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josy posted this 11 March 2019

i want to simulate the mixture from water and polymer dissolved in dichllormethan in a pipe. In the reality Dichlomethan evaporates and the whole viscosity increases. i want to know how i can set it up in Ansys  

Thank you

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rwoolhou posted this 11 March 2019

Are you interested in the period when the solvent is evaporating, or after it's already gone?  The former is not simple and will need a mulitphase model with species & phase change. The latter will use a single species and you just need to alter the viscosity (possibly using a nonNewtonian model). 

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josy posted this 11 March 2019





I thank you first for your answers. I make a mixture between a compound A + B -> C
I know the viscosity and density of A, B, C.
Then I have to mix C to D: C + D -> E. I also have the density and the viscosity of D and E.
At each step the viscosity increases.
What is of interest is to materialize this in a static mixer.
I already drew the mixer but I do not get the viscosity of C and E