Bolt Pretension often takes a lot of iterations to converge before an external load can be applied, which only takes a few more iterations to finish that load case.


Say you have to solve three models: one for X, Y and Z directions of gravity or force,

and it takes an hour to solve bolt pretension in step 1 but only a minute to apply the load in step 2.

This takes three hours and three minutes of solve time when done in the normal way.


Now you can do it in one hour and three minutes of solve time, plus a few quick manual steps.

It uses a command snippet, Read Results, the Activate load capability and a Restart.


Start with a 2 step model that solves without any issues. Put all the independent loads that you want in that model.


Setup System A to Solve Preload then Stop

Add Command to Static Structural with the command:  /eof

Set the Step Selection Mode to By Number

Set the Step Number to 2

Analysis Settings

Generate Restart Points to Manual

Retain Files to Yes

Deactivate all Forces that are to be applied in step 2


Close Mechanical


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For Each Independent Load

Duplicate system block A

Rename for specific Load

Click Solution, Tools menu, Read Results File

Browse the solution folder of the system block A and select solve.out

Suppress the Command snippet

Activate the one load that is to be applied in step 2

Analysis Settings

Current Restart Point to Load Step 1


You will see that the solution starts from the end of step 1.


Videos of the load in the Y and Z directions restarted.




ANSYS 17.2 archive is attached, which is when this method was created. If there is a more straightforward workflow using the latest software release, I would like to know about that.