Multizone Blocking Decomposition failed.

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jaseemharry posted this 4 weeks ago

I am a beginner to Ansys Fluent. I am trying to mesh a microchannel heat exchanger as part of my project. But i couldn't do the meshing part. It shows an error "MultiZone blocking decomposition failed".

I have modeled the geometry using Ansys Spaceclaim. I have attached the Archive file along. Please help me.

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peteroznewman posted this 4 weeks ago

Replace the Multizone method with Hex Dominant method.  On the Mesh Details window, type 2.5e-2 mm for the Element Size and you will get a hex mesh.

Three elements across a fluid channel is way too few to properly compute the flow. You will want at least 10 elements across the channel and smaller elements near the wall.

Regards, Peter

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kkanade posted this 4 weeks ago

following link may help you. 

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jaseemharry posted this 2 weeks ago

Thank you for the reply. and sorry i took so long. I was busy with my project.