Need tutorial files for simulation in forte

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rkgupta369 posted this 27 October 2017


everyone, i want to form a simulation on DI diesel engine for my course project in my college. For this purpose, i wanted to learn simulation in ANSYS Forte. i got the file in which tutorials steps are given, but file "(demo_eng.x_t and" used in the simulation are available for their licensed customers.

   I am requesting to all license user that if you have 5-10 mins of your time. then please send me this file on my email at

it would hard affect you, but to me it would be a life save

To access tutorials and their input files on the ANSYS Customer Portal, go to

I would really appreciate any help from this community.

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Garrystone123 posted this 29 January 2018

 Hi rkgupta369, did you manage to locate these files? I need them also for the Ansys Forte simulation.

Please send them to if you have them.



raul.raghav posted this 30 January 2018

The zip file consists of the following input files: 

demo_eng.x_t ,,tut_port.x_t , tut_gdi_comb.x_t ,, footprint.txt, massflowrate.csv, and velocity-0.7cd.csv

These files that can help you do the following tutorials:

(1) Solving a Cold Flow Simulation in IC Engine(Fluent) System: demo_eng.x_t ,

(2) Solving a Port Flow Simulation in IC Engine (Fluent) System: tut_port.x_t

(3) Solving a Gasoline Direct Injection Engine Simulation in IC Engine (Fluent) System: tut_gdi_comb.x_t ,, footprint.txt, massflowrate.csv, and velocity-0.7cd.csv

Refer to the following links for tutorials on IC engines:

Ansys How To Videos: ANSYS Internal Combustion Engine (ICE)

Ansys Internal Combustion Engines

Tutorial: Solving a Cold Flow Simulation

The zip file consists of the following input files: 

demo_eng.x_t ,,tut_port.x_t , tut_gdi_comb.x_t ,, footprint.txt, massflowrate.csv, and velocity-0.7cd.csv


Note: It is against the rules of the community to share tutorial files. The zip file attached herein were downloaded from various websites online and just put together. As a suggestion, provide an email id here and if someone has the files, they can help you with it.


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Bidyanka posted this 29 April 2018

Hello Rahul sir. I'm a B.Tech final year student. I'm trying to form a simulation of SI engine in ansys forte and was wondering if the files provided by you in the above attached zip file are going to work in SI engine as the actual post was regarding diesel engine. In case we need different files for SI engine, can you please provide me with those files. Please send the files at


Thank you.

Inzamam31 posted this 30 April 2018

Hello Rahul sir, I am Inzamam Ul Hussain a final year Btech Mechanical student. Where I can find the SI engine full simulation for ansys forte? Please provide me the files or links at Thank you sir.

raul.raghav posted this 30 April 2018

Inzamam, you can call me Rahul. Don't have to be formal .

My first post in this discussion has been updated. You can find the tutorials and the corresponding files from the post.


Inzamam31 posted this 01 May 2018

Actually i forgot to mention about the combustion of SI engine. I am not being able to find any files for SI engine combustion simulation for ansys forte. So if you have the files or you can provide me the links, then please send me at e-mail address. Your help is really appreciated.

Juancito posted this 16 May 2018

Hello Raul, I would need those files. You could send them to me?

Thanks!! posted this 12 June 2018

Hey are you using ansys Forte for simulating ic engine problems ?

Hello Rahul, do you work in ansys forte. I am working in ansys forte and facing many problems in modelling. 

If you have time we can discuss some of the challenges that m facing. 

please mail me if you do


sanusi posted this 18 June 2018

@raul.raghaz please I need support files for the ci engine combustion simulation on fuent I have tried all the files u supplied here but it wasn't working. I specifically need combustion profile file, the chem rxn, therm file. Will very glad if I can get this files as I'm in a critical need of it.

Thank you all for your contributions, assist is not limited to anyone my email is

regards to all

raul.raghav posted this 18 June 2018

Unfortunately, its against the rules of the forum to share tutorial files. Additionally, the zip file attached in the post above where files that were downloaded from various websites online.

As a suggestion, you can provide your email id and someone who has the files can help you with it.


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sanusi posted this 19 June 2018

Thank you so much my email is

sanusi posted this 13 July 2018

Hello every one, hope we all doing great?

I have some challenges in specifying my desired compression ratio for the ci engine simulation, how can I go through this?


sanusi posted this 07 August 2018

Hello guys, please how is it to obtain the emission parameter result from any ic engine simulation?

abenhadj posted this 07 August 2018

Please start a new thread and elaborate more on your question.

Best regards, Amine

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GurkanErtugral posted this 01 October 2018

@raul.raghaz Could you send tutorial files to me ?

(demo_eng.x_t ,,tut_port.x_t , tut_gdi_comb.x_t ,, footprint.txt, massflowrate.csv, and velocity-0.7cd.csv)

Best regards.

Kremella posted this 02 October 2018


Please post your questions in a new thread. You will get more visibility this way. 

Thank you.

Best Regards,


sanusi posted this 23 October 2018

hello, please how do i go about it?

sanusi posted this 23 October 2018

thank you so much. but how do i go about that?

Kremella posted this 24 October 2018

Hello Sanusi,

Please create a new thread to ask your question. It will improve the visibility of your question on this community. In addition, please elaborate on the exact nature of challenges you are facing during the compression stroke. Please help us understand your question better.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Best Regards,


Philipadebayo posted this 09 November 2018

Pls if you have the demo files, kindly send to my email

Thank you

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