" No B-Rep data in input file "

  • Last Post 23 April 2019
vvkeugene posted this 23 April 2019

I want to find the impact analysis of an fsae car by 1D Simulation of Chassis.

Procedure: ANSYS Workbench 18 -> Static Structural -> Engg Data added -> Geometry added -> SpaceClaim

The file was inputed in 2 formats IGES and STEP 214 [ to GEOMETRY of Static Structural ]. It happens that both of these didn't show the geometry and an error stating " No B-Rep data in input file " was displayed.

Could you please Help me with this issue so that the geometry is displayed.

Thank you in advance.

P.S: The geometry was designed in SOLIDWORKS (3D Sketch & haven't added weldments)

Wenlong posted this 23 April 2019

Hi vvkeugene,

I had the same issue for me this morning. I wrote my IGES file from APDL and then import it to SpaceClaim. 

I figured out that my IGES only has mesh data but no surface or volume data, and that is because my APDL file has only mesh info. You may open your IGES file and check if it has the geometry information or if it only has mesh info. If it has geometry, you may see something like "surface" or "B-spline" (like shown below) depending on your geometry type. 


Just FYI: You may also check the SpaceClaim settings: Go to File-> SpaceClaim Options -> File options, and there are some import settings you can play with.