Nodal diameter and mode shapes in WB

  • Last Post 11 August 2018
Sheida posted this 08 August 2018


I ran a cyclic symmetry model with 14 blades. There are 3 harmonic indexes. I asked for 20 modes. Thus for each harmonic index, I have 20 modes. I don`t have mechanical engineering background. I should draw the diagram (Freq. vs. ND). I don`t know from these different mode shapes, which one is related to each ND. Would you please let me know how I can find first blade bending modes? Thank you.

Mode shapes

SandeepMedikonda posted this 11 August 2018


  I am not an expert in Harmonic Analysis but I just tried setting up a test case with cyclic symmetry to test what you are talking about and it throws out an error saying that Cyclic/Periodic Symmetry is not allowed for this type of analysis. Can you elaborate a little more on how you are setting up your model?