node values and boundary values

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Weiqiang Liu posted this 03 June 2020

Hi all,

I am doing a combustion simulation with fluent. When post processing with fluent, I found the mole fraction of combustion product did not start from 0 from combustor inlet to outlet. It was a little bit above 0 instead.

I am wondering is it because the showed value is not from inlet boundary. Instead it's from the first cell center adjacent to inlet boundary. This is why combustion product mole fraction does not start from 0.

ps: I selected node values when post processing. My case is steady case.

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abenhadj posted this 03 June 2020

Yes that is a cell value and not a boundary value as at boundary we do not solve for mole fraction but for mass fraction.

Best regards, Amine

Weiqiang Liu posted this 03 June 2020

Hi ´╝îAmine

Thanks very much! It confuses me for a very long time. I though my case is not converged.

Best regards