Non-Convergence/ Material Inaccuracies in APDL

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asad posted this 19 January 2020



I am modeling a Brick masonry wall in Mechanical APDL R19.2 version. In this model, the brick elements (SOLID65) are connected to other bricks by a combination of Spring Elements COMBIN39 (representing Mortar) & contact elements CONTA178 (representing brick-mortar interface & its normal and sticking stiffness are a function of contact area of brick and mortar). Vertical precompression is applied as a first load step after which Lateral in-plane load is applied to the wall.


The problems I'm facing are:

1.   Non-convergence of model; the wall fails abruptly after a few milimeters of lateral deflection

2.   Brick elements behaviour (like E value) does not correspond to the Input value (Figure attached)


Can anybody please help me & guide towards the root cause of the problem?


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peteroznewman posted this 21 January 2020

ANSYS Staff cannot open attachments, please use the insert image button.

asad posted this 26 January 2020

Thanks, I have inserted the image now