Not seeing any items in the ANSYS Workbench toolbox?

  • Last Post 18 January 2018
pgl posted this 09 January 2018

After reinstalling ANSYS Student 18.2 recently I also ran into the issue that some have reported that Workbench opens up with no toolbox items. I initially thought it was an installation problem or license access problem. In my case I found that the UI had launched in a custom view mode, hiding what I was expecting to see. My problem was solved by selecting View > Reset Workspace 

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vganore posted this 11 January 2018

Awesome. Another option to explore -

Vishal Ganore,

mohamed gamal posted this 16 January 2018

I can't open workbench 

peteroznewman posted this 16 January 2018

Did you just install ANSYS?  Which version (17.2 or 18.2)?  Which license (Student or other)?  What OS version are you using?

mohamed gamal posted this 16 January 2018

I was using it, and this problem just happened, so I reinstall it again. version 18.2, student  

mohamed gamal posted this 17 January 2018

this also appears, when I try to open it. so, If there anything I should do.

vganore posted this 18 January 2018

This thread might help you if this is a graphics card issue.

Vishal Ganore,