NVIDIA Quadro p4000 compatibility with ANSYS 19.0

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Akshay Kumar posted this 2 weeks ago


I bought NVIDIA Quadro P4000 after looking the documents of ANSYS 19.0. It tells that ANSYS 19.0 has successfully tested with Quadro P4000. But when I ran on ANSYS 19.0 it gave me error like: Only Tesla-series or Quadro K5000/K5200/K6000/M6000 GPU devices are supported.

How can I get my GPU work with ANSYS 19.0 version. please help me if anyone can.


Akshay Kumar 

peteroznewman posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Akshay,

There are two ways ANSYS uses a GPU:

1) Accelerate the display

2) Accelerator for the solver.

The Quadro P4000 is a graphics card that is used to accelerate the display and is on this list.

You don't say what kind of solver you are running. Different solvers were tested with different GPUs. FLUENT was tested with the Quadro GP100 under Linux and the Quadro K5000 under Windows Server 2016, which you can find on this list.

It's confusing, because the GP100 (~$7,000 USD) is on both lists as it is both a graphics card for the display and a GPU for computation. Tesla series GPUs are just for computation, they have no display output.

Here is a relevant post.