Obtaining pressure transients

  • Last Post 07 May 2020
ns778 posted this 07 May 2020

Hello, I need to obtain dp/dt in a fluid domain so for each node I'd like to obtain how much the absolute pressure changes from the last time-step. Additionally, I would then like to index the maximum pressure transient over the volume at each time-step and plot the maximum obtained dp/dt against simulation time. There are moving solids in my simulation if it makes a difference. Thanks. 

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rwoolhou posted this 07 May 2020

Assuming you're using Fluent I think you'll need a UDF for current and last step value and some way to check for the highest result. There won't be an example in the documentation, but the macros you need are listed. Read the section on User Defined Memory too. 

ns778 posted this 07 May 2020

Hi, sorry should've specified I am using Ansys CFX. What would be the simplest way there?