Opaque zone not participating in solar ray tracing

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Johannes posted this 27 April 2020


I have several zones (buildings in my case) with boundary conditions set to opaque and participating in solar ray tracing. This radiation setting is the same for all my (building) zones. However, some zones are not participating in solar ray tracing and solar radiation passes right through them. 

In one of those zones I use shell conduction, in the other not. Also, in some of the zones that are working shell conduction is used, in some not. As I said, the radiation settings are the same in all of the zones and I can't figure out why it would work in some, and why it wouldn't in others.

In this image you can see one building that does not participate in solar ray tracing next to some that do.

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Johannes posted this 27 April 2020

By the way, the absorptivity settings are also the same and I already tried remeshing but I did not find a solution yet.

Johannes posted this 6 days ago

Nobody has an idea? Meanwhile I also increased the quad-tree-refinement value without success.