Optimization with transient simulation including initial conditions using ANSYS Fluent

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christopher posted this 20 November 2018


want to set up an parameter study for an geometry optimization with ANSYS Fluent. Therefore I use ANSYS Workbench 19.2 with Fluent for a transient coupled flow and heat transfer simulation with two solid materials and one fluid material. The transient simulation has some initial conditions (different temperatures in the three materials). In a normal study I apply the initial conditions via patching after the initialization.

When I then start a parameter set with different geometries, the next simulation starts with the results of the previous simulation instead of the initial conditions.


How can I apply the initial conditions for every design point in my parameter study?


Thank you in advance and kind regards,


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abenhadj posted this 20 November 2018

In the Workbench keep the properties of the Solution Cell when it comes to initialization to "solver controlled".

Best regards, Amine

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christopher posted this 21 November 2018

Thank you! It works now!


I got one more issue:

I stop the Simulation once a certain value is reached with this command in the "execute commands" Option: (if (> 408 (pick-a-real "/rep/volume/max 10 , temperature n")) (set! mstop? #t))

Now I want to change the time step size when a little higher temperature is reached. I already found a command ("solve/set/time-step 1e-1") which works when I use it without the "if" command.


How can I implement the command "solve/set/time-step 1e-1" the following "if" command: (if (> 408 (pick-a-real "/rep/volume/max 10 , temperature n")) XXX)?

When I just write the command instead of XXX it does not work.


Best regards,



abenhadj posted this 21 November 2018

Please mark this topic as solved and highlight the answer it helped you. For future questions please create new threads.

Now for the other part you can think about using : 

(ti-menu-load-string "/solve/set/whatever")

Best regards, Amine

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andreaimpiombato posted this 01 November 2019

thanks Amin for the helpful answer.
I have the following problem.

I have to do a parametric study and I have touse the Response Surface.

My case is transitory and for the first simulation of each case I would like to use as an initial condition. Is it possible not to consider the first time-step of each simulation automatically in the final solution?

Thank you