I am using FLUENT for my research work. I am able to run simulations in series. But, when I try to run parallel simulations the following error pops up.   "/usr/ansysinc/v172/fluent/fluent17.2.0/bin/fluent -r17.2.0 3d -pshmem -host -alnamd64 -t2 -mpi=pcmpi -path/usr/ansysinc/v172/fluent -ssh -cx mrincredible8463:55932 /usr/ansysinc/v172/fluent/fluent17.2.0/bin/fluent: 501: [: pcmpi: unexpected operator /usr/ansysinc/v172/fluent/fluent17.2.0/bin/fluent: 2395: /usr/ansys_inc/v172/fluent/fluent17.2.0/bin/fluent: Bad substitution  The fluent process could not be started.   Error: eval: unassigned variable Error Object: rp-3d?"   How should I correct it? Thank you.