Part name not showing in Fluent when defining the boundary conditions.

  • Last Post 04 March 2019
dhain460 posted this 03 March 2019

I used fluent in workbench for many years but just updated to ANSYS version 17. Following the same steps as in previous versions, I do not see the part name (geometry of a fun) showing in FLUENT when setting up the analysis. I tried multiple times by creating name of part in Design Modeler and/or within the Meshing. Basically, I cannot setup the analysis in FLUENT because I cannot set the correct boundary conditions.

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Kremella posted this 04 March 2019


Just to doubly ensure, we understand your question better - could you please follow the steps listed in the following video and verify if you're still unable to get the boundaries to display in Fluent? At the end of the video, after you create Named Selections and import the mesh to Fluent, you should see the created named selections in Fluent. If you are still unable to see this, please share a screenshot of your geometry, the named selections created by you during the meshing process, and what you see in Fluent window.

Thank you.



kkanade posted this 04 March 2019

can you please upgrade to R19.2. 

you will need to give named selection to all boundaries in meshing which are to be used in fluent.