Particle Residence Time vs. Time

  • Last Post 25 March 2019
designteam2 posted this 20 March 2019


Is the particle variable time the same as the particle variable particle residence time? When I go to make a plot in the path lines tab, it used the particle variable time where as in the particle tracks tab, it uses the particle variable particle residence time. If someone could explain the difference between the two I would appreciate that as well.

Thank you!

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rwoolhou posted this 20 March 2019

Assuming you're in Fluent look in the User's Guide for the definitions, probably Chapter 42 (definitely) Field Function Definitions -> 42.4 Alphabetical Listing..... 

Time and residence time may depend on whether it's a particle variable or a field variable, and whether it's a transient model. 


designteam2 posted this 21 March 2019

I couldn't find a user guide that had chapter 42. The ANSYS Fluent 12 user guide gave some information on pathline dialog boxes but didn't discuss how they define the time. 

I am using Fluent. I need a plot of particle residence time vs. position for a horizontal line going through the center of a cylinder. Its a multiphase ddpm eulerian model with particles injected and its transient. 

rwoolhou posted this 21 March 2019

Fluent 12 dates back rather a long time: it was the release following the addition of Fluent to the ANSYS tools.  We're now using R19.2 (student) and 2019R1 (commercial).  Which version of Fluent are you using?

designteam2 posted this 21 March 2019

I am using the 19.2 version.

rwoolhou posted this 22 March 2019

Click on Help: that should take you to the R19.2 documentation. 

kkanade posted this 25 March 2019

see following to check help.