particle tracks

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swa123 posted this 16 April 2020


When I simulate multiphase flow using DDPM model,in post-processing when we import our particle tracking file we get certain stream line.

What does those stream lines represent?are they only particles or particles+fluid?


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abenhadj posted this 16 April 2020

particle tracks are only fates of particles not of the fluid. Streamlines are massless particles convected with the velocity field of the fluid phase

Best regards, Amine

swa123 posted this 16 April 2020

thanks for the reply

But can i get detailed explanation for stream lines

what do you meant by massless particles  convected with the velocity field?

I am a begginer in multiphase flows,would be glad if i receive detailed explanation

thanks in advance 

rwoolhou posted this 16 April 2020

Particle tracks are where the particles went.

Streamlines (pathlines in Fluent) are where the fluid goes, they track a particle with the same properties as the fluid.  If you click on Help the documentation should give some more on the theory. 

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swa123 posted this 16 April 2020

Thank you rwoolhou