physics solver doesnt do anything

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Otibix96 posted this 04 November 2018

Hey Guys,

I downloaded aim the other day and did an fluid analysis fine. I'm now trying to do a second and encounter a problem where the solver doesnt do anything, its just stuck on 85% on start up and the application appears to not be using the CPU at all...

Ive reinstalled it multiple times, checked the firewall and its allowed access. i just dont know what else to do. I dont think its my set up. 

Any suggestions?

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Otibix96 posted this 04 November 2018

Update: Upon checking the transcript after 15 minutes this appeared... Any suggestions?Transcript

kkanade posted this 06 November 2018

The image is not clear. 
Can you copy the test in error.

Please check if you have any spaces or special characters in the folder names or file names. 

seeta gunti posted this 14 November 2018

Can you please upload the image once again. Since it is not clear, difficult to understand.