Hi everyone. 


So I am trying to model a piezoelectric energy harvester using piezo and meme Ansys extension, I have the correct material properties, and boundary conditions from the APDL code of the same project, but somehow my model does not work and I get really weird results (totally different from the APDL code output).

My questions are:

1- how to correctly introduce the resistor to the model? in fact, I cannot introduce a circuit element to my model. immediate error. my resistor in 75Kohm.


2- I get totally unrealistic voltage results in my output (either in the order of 1e-9 or 1e+8), in an input frequency of 10 Hz. I think it is because of the wrong boundary conditions. Could you please help me with interpreting the boundary condition apdl code that I have attached? for this output (screenshot) I have put 170pa pressure on the free end.


3- how do you get power-frequency output? as there is no such response defined, it should be the user-defined result, right?


I have attached screenshots related to the question. Your advice and guides are very much appreciated!