plotting number of passes for each variation

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apr37 posted this 14 May 2020


I have a simulation in HFSS where I have a parameter (a length of a feature in my model) which I have swept in an optimetric. I would like a quick way to see how many passes were done on each variation of the optimetric in order to achieve convergence. I have recently discovered that this information is available to me in the following location:

Results, right click >>Solution Data. In the resulting dialogue window, click the "..." button to choose a variation, Select the "Convergence" tab.

Here I can see how many passes were done on that variation, along with other data like solved elements and max delta frequency %.

This is helpful, but in order to look at this information for all of my variations, I need to select each individual variation with the "..." button and go to its Convergence tab. I was thinking it would be convenient if I could make a plot which was [dimension swept in the optimetric] on the x-axis and "Maximum Number of passes" on the y-axis.

Here is a plot setup I tried which didn't do what I want:

As you can see, I just got a straight line across the entire range of the sweep at 20. 20 is the maximum number of passes that any of the variations have done, but some of them converged after only 5 or so passes, so I would expect to see some points on the plot which reflect that.

Any ideas?


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Vivek Kamble posted this 02 June 2020

You can not plot this in HFSS. But you can export the convergence data table to check a number of passes. 

HFSS>> Result >> Solution Data >> Convergence Tab >> Export

apr37 posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Vivek,

Thanks for the response here, too. This method results in saving a .conv file. I can open it with notepad and see the convergence criteria for a single variation. Is there a way to export this information for all variations at once?