Plotting Von Misses Stress X Distance or Coordinate Node or Element

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Fabricio.Urquhart posted this 23 September 2018

I would like to plot a graph with the edge von misses stress, like the picutre below. But in place of time, I would like to plot the X coordinate along the edge. So the results will be a line per time like the second picture. Is there any command in apdl that do it??

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peteroznewman posted this 23 September 2018


In Mechanical, you use Construction Geometry to create a Path to plot stress along that path.  Here is the SimuTech group tutorial.



rgpatchi posted this 26 September 2018

Hello Fabricio, 

As Peter suggested, you can get distance along the edge vs stress plot using Construction Geometry (Path). 

If you want to have X-coordinate (and not distance along the edge) vs stress plot instead, you can create in the following way. 

1. Create a Equivalent stress result along a path as Peter suggested

2. Create a User defined result along a path, with expression LOCX

3. Highlight both objects created above and create a Chart

4. In the created chart, change the X axis (under Chart Controls) from "Length" to this "User defined result" created in step 2 to get  X-coordinate vs stress plot

You can also combine multiple Equivalent stress results (at multiple time points) into one chart.

Hope this helps. 

Best regards,




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Fabricio.Urquhart posted this 26 September 2018

Thank you!

To create a path, it is necessary to create a edge in the geometry. If you do not have the edge, the results do not recognize the path.

rgpatchi posted this 27 September 2018


I see from your snapshot that edges are present (circled in red). Let me know if I am missing something?

Best regards,

Natalia posted this 16 April 2020

Hi all!

I am sorry for not opening a new thread (neither uploading a pic) but for some reason it is impossible since a few days ("Sorry an error occured"). Could you please help me to plot a stress in a function of edge length along a non-linear 2D edge? I need it to compare several simulation with different loads. I am guessing that I might need to get all the values on the nodes with the apdl commands but I don't want to search blindly. Could you please give me any hint?