Polyflow Dimension fault; working array not large enough

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lbskw posted this 2 weeks ago

Hello everyone,

I'm working on a Simulation with Ansys Polyflow,

I'm getting the following error when I try to "save and exit" the problem set up:

Dimension fault: a local working array is not large enough ! Please, set value of parameter MAXDAT (datafile.com) to 1987 at least. (error code #4 detected)

The solution to this problem may be easy, but I could not find anywhere where I could input this MAXDAT as a parameter,

Has anyone experimented this before and know how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

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rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

Can you check how cells you have? There's a cap on Mechanical (32k) and Fluent/CFX (512k) cell counts for ANSYS Student & Teaching licences: I don't know what Polyflow caps at, or when/how it checks. 

lbskw posted this 2 weeks ago

Thank you for your answer.

I have more than 1kk cells. But this is not the problem, because Polyflow caps only when using the solver, not in the steps before.

Besides that, i have the same issue when I tried using the in the University computer labs, which have the Full Ansys version (Not capped)

I think it should be some configuration in the (Polydata, Polymat), but I can't find it

rwoolhou posted this 2 weeks ago

The Computer labs most likely have Teaching keys rather than the full version. Work through the steps again and look for whatever is missing. 

lbskw posted this 2 weeks ago


thank you for your answer again,

I just take some time to confirm what you written,

1. In the Student version I have at home, Polyflow caps for meshes bigger than 100k cells. If the mesh is bigger than 100k, Workbench allows me to mesh, to do all the Set Up in Polyflow and only when I run the solver that it caps. It informs in a message that the mesh exceeds the limit of the version. 

2. I went to the University and confirmed that they have full version in a specific lab, in which I performed again all the same steps. In this lab they run very large problems without any limitation. For my solution described above, I receive the same error message. This error message appears when I try to save the Set Up file. In other words, I even can't run the solver because no file is saved.

This indicates that the problem is not the software version. 

The geometry I'm simulating, if I cut it to a quarter in size, can ben saved in Polyflow without the error message (400k elements), and run in the solver. On the other hand, the entire geometry can't be saved, with the above mentioned error,

So the question would be if this parameter MAXDAT can be put somewhere

Below I'm sending two images. The first shows the message when using a capped version. The second I don't know if helps, but shows the version running in the University.

1. The Student version Error (Version limit)

1 - Student Version


2. The University Version


University Version



abenhadj posted this 2 weeks ago

Are you using Teaching License or Full Research License? Please let your IT /System Admin check that for you (University)

Best regards,


abenhadj posted this 2 weeks ago

On Windows you can to %tmp% then the folder .ansys and here you will find a plnety of *.out files. check the one related to POLYFLOW and check which increments have been used.

Best regards,


lbskw posted this 2 weeks ago

Hi Amine,

Thank you for your answer,

The University version is Full Research License at the specific lab I use. I tested it now with my Student Version at home.

I just checked the temp folder. There is none *.out files. And maybe because the solver hasn't run yet? The error message appears when I save the Set Up. This is the step before the solver is Run.

The files that are in the folder are the following:



tsiriaks posted this 1 weeks ago

Hi lbskw,

You have to check inside these files but let me provide an easier way to check licensing for you.

Please post the output of the following command


"%awp_root193%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\ansysli_util" -checkout POLYFLOW


/ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/linx64/ansysli_util -checkout POLYFLOW



lbskw posted this 2 days ago

Hi tsiriaks,


The version where I'm running the workbench is: Ansys Academic Research Mechanical and CFD. 



tsiriaks posted this yesterday

Hi lbskw,

Thank you for the info.

So, you are really using aa_r (Full academic research license).

To me, this seems good. Let's wait to see what Rob, Amine have to say about this.