polymer processing- Calendering

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amotaghi posted this 11 February 2019

Is Polyflow able to simulate the calendering process? Is there any tutorial to start with? I would like to simulate the calendering process then implement the rheology model and slip condition. 

kkourbat posted this 15 February 2019


Calendaring can be modeled using ANSYS Polyflow. Please refer to Example 21 "How to Use the Thomson Transformation?" in the Polyflow Examples which can be found on Polyflow documentation page:


Calendaring can also be potentially modeled by ANSYS Fluent or CFX if the material being pushed between the rolls can be assumed as a liquid which can be approximated by existing non-Newtonian viscosity models in Fluent or CFX.

A web search of "Calendaring ANSYS Fluent" will bring up a paper on the topic "Numerical Simulation of Heat Transfer Performance of Calender Roll Structure in Glass Calendering"

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