Porous media Simulation

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behthr posted this 21 October 2019

I'm trying to simulate a porous media in ansys fluent as a benchmark, i have looked for so many different papers with subject of forward osmosis, they all have solution for flux of water and flux of solutes but in the formula there are couple of terms which i don't figure them out like, difference of osmosis pressure of bulk in draw with osmosis pressure of membrane in draw, which are terms in numerator and denominator of flux formula also relation between porosity and permeability of membrane because in ansys, permeability of membrane is requested but in flux formula the porosity of membrane is used (actually i have found Kozeny-Carman formula describing relation between permeability and porosity, but still not completely sure about it).

if it's possible please guide me what type of paper is suitable for using simulation of porous media in asys fluent and also answers for my doubts for this approach in mentioned paper which i have linked here as following:

Forward osmosis and forward osmosis membranes: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/312660267_Forward_Osmosis_and_Forward_Osmosis_Membranes

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rwoolhou posted this 22 October 2019

The porous media is designed to be used for filters, and pretty much anything that causes a pressure drop where we don't want to model the details (trees are another example). 

Osmosis uses a species gradient (usually) to concentrate a fluid/material so you'll need to rethink what you're doing. 

behthr posted this 22 October 2019

Thanks for your prompt response, that's exactly what i need to do, i need to do simulate species gradient to transfer from one zone (3D) to another which are connected with a very thin porous interface. What kind of fluent feature i can use for this simulation and is there any other type of paper for this simulation except forward osmosis? Thanks

abenhadj posted this 22 October 2019

Define that interior boundary as wall. Then you need to provide source terms on both sides of that wall. You can ask your ASC for a solution document relates to semi permeable walls on the portal. We won't share anything on this free open community.

Best regards, Amine

behthr posted this 22 October 2019

Thank you very much for your guidance.

behthr posted this 24 October 2019

for setting up a semi-permeable wall do i need to use porous-jump function? because i couldn't find any instruction in Ansys Fluent Tutorial and User Manual Guide how can set up for semi-permeable wall with source terms.

if you can give me more information about how can i find instruction for setting a semi-permeable wall which fluid and particles can transfer from one interior to another, i appreciate it in advance.

abenhadj posted this 25 October 2019

Only for wall but similar can be done with jump. Please mark this as Us Solution.

Best regards, Amine