Preserving the Scoping of Named Selections & Coordinate Systems when Adding / Modifying Input Meshes

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dOBL posted this 07 January 2019


I am working on assembling a model of the spine, ribcage, and pelvis in ANSYS 18.0. I first imported just the spine mesh using the FE modeler system in workbench , and then connected this to a static structural system. Within mechanical, I created named selections from nodes to select measurement points on each bone. I also created vertex based local coordinate systems on different sections of bone. 

After the selections and coordinate systems were defined, I next added another input mesh (both of these are .inp files) of a pelvis, but when this was completed and I reopened the mechanical interface, the scoping of these named selections (node based) and local coordinate systems (vertex based) were both lost.

Is there a way to retain the scoping of these selections while still adding or modifying input meshes? I am able to keep all input node numbers consistent within each .inp file. 

I also was trying to follow along with this page:

but was unable to use mesh numbering to retain my named selections/coordinate systems.


Any help on this would be greatly appreciated, and I'd be happy to help with more information if need be.


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sathya posted this 14 January 2019


If you can share the second .inp(pelvis mesh alone) like below, I hope you can retain the existing datas.

Sharing two different External models

dOBL posted this 14 January 2019

Thanks, this does work in terms of importing all of the meshes, but I am unable to preserve the components of the spine input mesh. Where I split the vertebrae up into several components, it takes each bone as one entity. Is there any way to do keep the component separation through the External Mode --> Static Structural method?


sathya posted this 15 January 2019

Can you share the mechanical window screenshot (with the components you are mentioning) before and after importing of 2nd .inp file?