Pressure profile in a nozzle.

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rumth posted this 05 February 2019


I have simulated compressible flow in a CD nozzle. If I set Total Guage Pressure = 10.84 atm and operating pressure = 1atm, what would be the Absolute Pressure? As far I know,

Abs Pressure = Gauge Pressure + Operating Pressure.

So, Absolute Pressure should be 11.84 atm. But Fluent is showing Abs Pressure = 10.48 atm at inlet. What is the reason?

What is the Initial guage pressure for pressure inlet? I have set this value 9.7 atm so that I can get 124 m/s velocity that will give expected Mach number at Inlet. Am I right?

What is the difference between Total Pressure and Absolute pressure?




abenhadj posted this 05 February 2019

Absolute pressure is the absolute static pressure. Total pressure is the stagnation pressure and is the sum of the static pressure and dynamic pressure. Look after Bernoulli...

Best regards, Amine