Problem getting /report/dpm-sample with injections and boundaries working in batch mode

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keishlaortiz posted this 14 September 2018


I'm simulating the cardiovascular system on ANSYS, where my goal is to inject nanoparticles at certain locations in the cardiovascular system to see if it reaches the target area(s). I want to get the amount of nanoparticles trapped or escaped in certain boundaries. So far, I could get that information from the .dpm files generated for each inlet, outlet and arteries wall from Report/Discrete-Phase/Sample from the GUI since I can select the desired boundaries and injections. However, I would like to run multiple simulations from the command prompt using journal files but when I ran the command from journal: "/report/dpm-sample injection_name () "boundary1" "boundary2" ... "boundaryn" () () no yes" it's giving me an error indicating that the injection name is not a valid command. My question is what's the correct command to get the dpm-sample reports choosing the desired injections and boundaries?

My journal file looks like this:

/file/read-case-data sce1_v8.cas


/file/auto-save/data-frequency 1

/report/dpm-sample v8 () "wall-artery" "inlet1" "outlet1" "outlet2" "outlet3" "outlet4" "outlet5" "outlet6" "outlet7" "outlet8" "outlet9" "outlet10" "outlet11" "outlet12" "outlet13" "outlet14" "outlet15" "outlet16" "outlet17" "outlet18" "outlet19" "outlet20" "outlet21" "outlet22" "outlet23" () () no yes


 v8 is the injection name, so far the previous commands work perfectly, the error is with the repot dpm sample command. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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rwoolhou posted this 17 September 2018

What happens if you manually type in the command, ie type



list of surfaces



Trouble shooting TUI commands is best done this way, and on the model you're running as the commands can change slightly depending on models. 

As an aside your journal will read the case, initialise, report DPM tracks and then close: it's not going to do anything else. 


keishlaortiz posted this 22 October 2018


Thanks for the reply, however, that's how I got the TUI command (by troubleshooting them in ANSYS Fluent console) to write the journal file and still didn't work. However, I changed something in my model that will not require to get the results in the .dpm files.