Problem in ansys workbench journal file

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srf020 posted this 4 weeks ago


I am using ANSYS 19.1 workbench.
I wrote an script in ansys 19.1 that is related to Fluent. It opens Fluent and reads Fluent Journal file. The problem is during reading mesh file, it does not import the mesh file .

The *.wbjn file contains :

system61 = GetSystem(Name="FLU 61")
setupComponent61 = system61.GetComponent(Name="Setup")
setup61 = system61.GetContainer(ComponentName="Setup")
fluentLauncherSettings61 = setup61.GetFluentLauncherSettings()
fluentLauncherSettings61.SetEntityProperties(Prope rties=Set(DisplayText="Fluent Launcher Settings", Dimension="ThreeD", Precision="Double", 
EnvPath={}, RunParallel=True, NumberOfProcessors=2))
setup61.SendCommand(Command="(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "MenuBar*ReadSubMenu*Journal...")(cx-gui-do cx-set-file-dialog-entries 
"Select File" '( "FinalJournal")' "All Files (*)")")
setup61.SendCommand(Command='(cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "MenuBar*FileMenu*Close Fluent")')

and the fluent journal file wich I named FinalJournal contains below lines for mesh reading:

> (cx-gui-do cx-activate-item "MenuBar*ImportSubMenu*Mesh...")
> (cx-gui-do cx-set-file-dialog-entries "Select File" '( "mesh dir\mesh.msh") "Mesh Files (*.msh* *.MSH* )")

after abow lines TUI return the message : 

Resetting session...Resetting session...Done

and does not import mesh

I have 112  components system(all fluent) in workbench. and this problem happen for 61th component and the nexts.

what can I do?


rwoolhou posted this 3 weeks ago

Please post this in the Solver section : this is for employment jobs rather than batch processing! 

Can you check how the 60th update went? GUI derived journals can struggle if the appropriate panel isn't open (or closed) correctly during a previous step. The equivalent TUI commands aren't as easy to generate (you can't record the steps) but tend to be much more robust.