Problem opening SpaceClaim using ANSYS 18.2

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diegosdv posted this 03 February 2018

When I open SpaceClaim in the steady-state thermal analysis system, it doesn't show the origin axis, it appears just a gray screen that I can't do anything on it. Please, give me some suggestions to solve this problem!


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sefacancakmak posted this 08 February 2018

i got same problem using space claim Ansys 19. Please help.

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diegosdv posted this 09 February 2018

Are you also using a windows 7 version?

sefacancakmak posted this 10 February 2018

Yes i am using windows 7 proffesional.

Edilson Rosa posted this 12 February 2018

Hi everyone!

I also had this problem when I installed version 18.2, I easily fixed that by the following settings:

Click on: FILE > SpaceClaim Options > In Advanced > Graphics > Verify what kind of GPU are you using (by default after installation is selected DIRECT3D11). It worked when I chose DIRECT3D9.


Hope this helps.

Edilson Rosa

diegosdv posted this 13 February 2018

Thank you Edilson!! It worked here, problem solved!! 

lucasalves posted this 04 September 2018

Thank you Edilson, it had happened with the ANSYS 19.1. 

vidhan28 posted this 11 July 2019

I'm not having the Direct3D9 option...what should I do?

tsiriaks posted this 11 July 2019

it does not have to be Direct3D9 , you can try other rendering mechanism.