Problem with generating a curve load against deflection graph (Reinforced concrete beam)

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Joseph Lim posted this 10 July 2018

Dear community,

I having a problem with generating a curve graph of the load against deflection as attached below. I face this problem for about half a year, but I was not able to solve it. I am wondering if there any possibility that the ANSYS workbench able to identify the ultimate load of the beam. If can, may I know how it can be done? Thank you very much in advance and sorry for the inconvenience.  



Joseph Lim

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 12 July 2018

Hi Joseph,

  Didn't Peter already answer this in your previous discussion? If that didn't help, can you please give some more info on the exact error/problem that you are facing?

  You can also do an eigenvalue analysis to determine this?



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  • Joseph Lim
Joseph Lim posted this 13 July 2018

Hi Sandeep,

1) Yes, thanks to Peter in the previous discussion, I was able to generate the cracking of the beam. But I realized that I was not able to identify the ultimate load because the load is increasing together with the deflection. Theoretically, the load will start to decrease after reach the failure mode as shown in below figure. 

2) Thank you for your suggestion using the eigenvalue analysis. If not mistaken, in this analysis, a gradually increasing load is applied to seek the load level at which the structure becomes unstable. May I know how to identify the unstable structure? 

Thank you in advance and very sorry for the inconvenience.