I use an ANSYS 2019 R1 with Academic Research Mechanical and CFD licence.

I have a problem with GPU acceleration on my Quadro P5200 graphic card.

In Mechanical APDL Product Launcher I  set GPU acceleration as NVIDIA.

In ANSYS Mechanical --> advanced properties I set the same.

During solving the error is occuring:

No recommended GPU devices have been detected on machine               
 DELL7730.  Only Tesla-series or Quadro                          
 K6000/M6000/P5000/P6000/GP100/GV100 GPU devices are recommended at     
 this release.  For optimal performance, install a recommended GPU      
 device in this machine.  If you wish to use an alternative GPU device, 
 please review the recommendations in the section titled "Requirements  
 for the GPU Accelerator in Mechanical APDL" in the Installation Guide  
 for your platform.

In further part:

Number of GPUs requested                :    1
GPU Acceleration: NVIDIA Library Requested but not Enabled
GPU Device with ID =  0 is: Quadro P5200
GPU Driver Version: 10.0
CUDA Version: 9.0

Please tell me why I cannot use my Quadro P5200 to accelerate the calculations?

Is this some problem with my configuration?

Or Quadro P5200 is just too new to this version of Ansys?

I would be very thankfull for any help.


Best regards,