Problems sizing inside cylinders

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lcmaldonadoj posted this 26 May 2019

Hi all,

Is a briefly question. I tried to sizing the 2 cylinders (purple and orange of the picture below), using the 3 half circular edges (the smallest diameter is 1.4 mm, the next one is 7.8 mm and the last one 9.8 mm):

I tried using a hard uniform distribution of 30 elements, over the three half circle edges (configuration below), and I received the next two warning: 

I just noticed that the two smallest cylinder don't have 30 elements, they have 28 elements.

I posted this because I want to know why this is happening. Maybe is a problem with the precision of the workstation where I'm working or is a general problem?.

I have solved my problem creating a independent sizing with 28 element for the external diameter (picture below), but I want to know the reasons of this problem for future meshing practices.

Kind regards,

Luis Carlos Maldonado Jaime

rwoolhou posted this 03 June 2019

You also appear to have a discontinuity in the mesh in the first image. Check the contacts and also which order you meshed the volumes in. Not sure why it's ignoring the hard sizing, and it's not something that I (as ANSYS staff) can do through the Community.