I would like to apply different forces that are saved in an external file to a specified nodes of my model.

I have 59 nodes that I want to apply X load for every substep (10001 substeps in total, that means that my transient analysis is from 0 to 100s and the step is 0,01s). The .txt file with the loads is constructed with 59 rows (for each node) and 10001 columns (for each time load). The code that I've implemented is the following one:

*do,i,1,59 !node by node

*do,tm,0,100,0.01 !step by step


*TREAD,force_x,xload,txt,, !read x load table table outres,nsol,all !controls the solution data

time,tm !sets the time for a load step

f,i,fx,%force_x%,,, !apply force to the node

kbc,0 !ramped load step




Having this code I don't really know if the program is reading the correct line of the .txt file that corresponds to each node and each load.

Also I have this error:

- Present time 0 is less than or equal to the previous time in a transient analysis.