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Ziruiality posted this 21 January 2019

Dear experts,

I'm using Ansys Workbench to do a project corresponding to a water-cooling simulation.
When I start doing this project with steady-state thermal module, I found sometimes the resulting lowest temperature in the system is lower than both the initial temperature and the water temperature I provided, which is hard to understand.
For example, the plot attached shows the temperature distribution in the simulation. The initial temperature is 22 Celsius. The water is 22 Celsius as well. There is some internal heat generation assigned. But I just don't understand the reason that the lowest temperature can be lower than 22 Celsius.  
Please let me know if I forget anything obviously. Thanks in advance!


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peteroznewman posted this 21 January 2019

Dear Zirui,

The ANSYS experts here are not permitted to open attachments on this site so I have inserted your image below. In the future, please do likewise.

Regards, Peter

Ziruiality posted this 21 January 2019

Thanks Peter. Sure

jj77 posted this 21 January 2019

Well if one has an initial temp. of 22 and a convection on all faces with an ambient of -10 one would get -10, so it is not strange. Also the mesh looks very coarse, so it could be due to that, and perhaps also due to some result setting (temperature is a nodal result, so not sure how it is extrapolated in to view/contoured, most likely using element shape functions). I would try thus also to read the raw nodal temperatures, and they should be above or equal to 22 assuming that there is no loss of energy as explained above (convection example).

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