Random Skewed Cells Transitioning from Inflation Layer to Global Mesh

  • Last Post 15 November 2019
gabrielcamethru posted this 15 November 2019

I think the title and the pictures already explain the problem. The global element size is 0.1375 m and the elements in the last layer of the inflation are 4.5 mm, so I think that may be the issue. The global growth rate is 1.2.

Will decreasing the growth rate and/or decreasing the global element size fix this issue? Or is there another way to resolve this?

It bothers me that it's only about 4 cells having this problem (skewness > 0.98), but it compromises the entire mesh.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thank you.

peteroznewman posted this 15 November 2019

I'm guessing you have two faces on this surface, the small face with the high density mesh and the larger face with the global element size.

Try adding an inflation mesh control on the large face on the three edges to help transition the element size from small to large elements over a large number of layers.

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