Recommended y+ values for k-ε model with Menter-Lechner wall treatment

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LukeM posted this 02 August 2019

I am using the RNG k-ε model with Menter-Lechner wall treatment, and I want to ensure I adequately handle the near-wall region. Is there a recommended range of y+ values for the Menter-Lechner wall treatment? I understand the model was specifically designed to be y+ insensitive (see the "Menter-Lechner ε-Equation (ML-&epsilon" article in the user manual), but I want to avoid any less-accurate predictions for flow from the model. For example, should I avoid the 5<y+<30 buffer layer? Would I see better predictions above or below that region? 



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LukeM posted this 02 August 2019

Wonderful. Thank you! 

rwoolhou posted this 02 August 2019

Adding multiphase will make it much more interesting! 

General theory is if you want accurate drag etc y+ = 1.   

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LukeM posted this 02 August 2019

At the moment, I'm modeling turbulent, single-phase pipe flow. But I will eventually be modeling turbulent, stratified flow through fairly complex geometry. I am also solving some UDS equations. I suspect that accurate predictions of the boundary layer are crucial for my system.

rwoolhou posted this 02 August 2019

It depends.  What are you trying to model?