rectangular contour plot

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johnfides posted this 06 May 2020


I want to draw a graphic as I show below. but I couldn't find it even though I researched how to do it. I draw the contour plot, but I could not add the distance information in x and y coordinates as shown in the figure. I would be very glad if you could help me.

note: graphics do not have to be stacked

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cblair posted this 4 weeks ago

You will need to create a custom quantity inside our Field Overlays > Calculator. Using this expression and some geometry say a line you can plot Field quantity vs distance. Look up Named Expression and Calculator in our documentation.


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johnfides posted this 3 weeks ago

Dear cblair,

Thank you very much for your answer. I can create field plot  along the line. but if I give an example, I cannot draw a rectangle and draw the area chart on it. When drawing a rectangle, the distance option is not displayed. I hope I could express it.