Refining mesh along a line

  • Last Post 26 January 2019
joepa_2017 posted this 17 December 2018

I am wondering about the limits of mesh refinement in Ansys Workbench. It seems like there is pretty good control over refinement at a line in APDL. However, in Workbench, the maximum value of refinement is 3. Is there a way to increase the refinement beyond this value?

If not, is it possible to create a mesh in APDL and somehow import it in Workbench?


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rwoolhou posted this 18 December 2018

You should be able to use a Body of Influence in Workbench Mechanical - you can in the meshing tool and it's essentially the same code. This will give you some hints: just follow the general steps but use Mechanical and transfer a line body rather than a volume as the BOI. 

joepa_2017 posted this 26 January 2019

I haven't found this to work so far. I right click on mesh >  insert > sizing. Then I select the edge where I want to do the refinement as my geometry. Then, under definition > Type, body of influence is not an option. Only Element Size, Number of Divisions, Sphere of Influence, and Factor of Global Size are give as options. Is there a different way to go beyond the default refinement along an edge in Workbench?