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gdimadis posted this 11 December 2018

Hi there

I have 2 pcs in the laboratory  (university) pc A and pc B with win7  {ANSYS ACADEMIC}.

On A I have installed all tools (incl Workbench) of ANSYS and I am willing to perform some FLUENT analyses .

On B I have installed just the stand allone RSM (remote Solve manager) willing this pc to be my COMPUTE server.

After resolving some issues about configuration  of rsm on B and how to input the RSM staging directory path on both A and B, I have finally achivied on submiting TEST job with B (Actually sending a test job to itself, as it is the compute cluster server) which has Status : SUCCESFUL


In the same time from pc A, the TEST submissions haults with error : CLUSTER doesn't have queue "Queue name"


last lines of the FAILED report are :

Running 4 commands
Job will run locally on each node in: \\09CD-PC\RMSstaging\qr5eobpz.fll
Number of CPU requested: 1
AWP_ROOT180=C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\v180
Testing writability of working directory...

If you can read this, file was written successfully to working directory
Writability test complete
Checking queue 1 exists ...
Cluster does not have queue 1
Submit Failed
Failed to find cluster queue 1


Any ideas about how to resolve this?

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gdimadis posted this 17 December 2018

As promised my report for using the finally established connection between pcA and pcB.

I installed the COMPLETE set of ANSYS tools on PC B (compute server) just to deal with one less parameter.

Unfortunatelly eventhough test jobs are being submitted and complited without a problem, a real (very simple) FLUENT problem, has issues.

The problem has already been solved in PCA (locally) and tried to send ti to Pc B (compute server) ..the report shows that nescesary files/date were transfered succesfully but SOLVED data for some reason do not get back in PCa .. error: "backgrpound update of Fluents solution has failed. Could not find Solution.trn"

I think i wont proceed further, it is a huge Waste of Time...It seems that ANSYS provides RSM only for those with special knowledge of IT /networks etc... I am wondering how difficult would be for them to make a damned Youtube tutorial from 0 to complete usage (A simple job )for RSM settings, instead of that useless video they provide on their site...
Any way ...

gdimadis posted this 13 December 2018

Well Thank you both for your interest to solve my problem

Finally it seems that I found the solution (at least for submitting succesfully a Test Job to remote compute claster...)

For anyone interested the steps i followed can be found here

PC b still has ONLY RSM installed (test job succesfully submitted and concluded) ..most probably  for a true job (FLUENT problem) i will have to add FLUENT tool from instalation dvds...(as jcallery suggested)

I will check it later and i will report ..

Thanks again to all!

jcallery posted this 12 December 2018

Hi gdimadis,

Unfortunately dropbox is blocked here, can you post screenshots of the log with Debug Messages turned on?

As for the firewall, which .exe files are you allowing?  Ideally you would allow all .exe files in the RSM\bin directory.


Also are there multiple network adapters on PC A and PC B?


Thank you,


gdimadis posted this 12 December 2018

actually all ports are open for ansys rsm (if i did it correctly..)


 the report file  is here


jcallery posted this 12 December 2018

Hi gdimadis,

Yes, you will need ALL of the ansys tools installed that you intend to solve with.

RSM handles the file transfer, and then starts up the solver local to the remote machine.

You could Share your installed directory from PC A and then on PC B map that as a drive, and then run ProductConfig.exe (As admin) on PC B

That would set up all of the environment variables so that it points to PC A to get the solvers.


With regard to the Test job from A -> B, I need more information.

Please turn on the debug messages (as stated in previous post) and then please post screenshots of that log.

Did you open port 9180?  Does PC B have multiple network cards?


Thank you,


gdimadis posted this 12 December 2018

By the way .if I have to install ALL the ansys 18 tools on PC b seem quite easier to use it with REMOTE Desktop Conection (maybe with a shared network Folder lets say for my input data) rather using RSM ...
just a thought from a rookie in ANSYS ..

gdimadis posted this 12 December 2018

hi jcallery

Thanks for the extended answer..

Do you mean i have to install ALL ansys tools on PC b ? 

I want PC B to be ONLY the  compute cluster server ... I thought that was the meaning of allowing a standalone instalation of RSM manager ( as it can be found in HELP documents 2.1.1 Installing a Standalone RSM package.. ) meaning to use computational power of a cluster or just one powerfull PC in an office or laboratory, leaving meshing, Results and etc to LOCAL (end user ) computer or laptop ..

apart from that ..I have already performed the steps you mentioned

I found this video quite helpfull (appart from the cmd comand  ...\AnsconfigRSM.exe - launcher     which refers to v18.1 ... on v18.0 only \AnsconfigRSM.exe - mgr is accepted)

It seems to me very frustrating though . the following:

-PC B RSM manager DOES succesfully submit and conclude the TEST job..eventhough nothing but RSM solver is installed ..

-PC A that has ALL the tools of ansys 18 ...CAN'T conclude the submitted TEST job.. (it haults after the file and some others are written in the stagging directory..)

Thank you very much again!

If you could please confirm that i have to install ALL ansys tools in PCb.. (or at least FLUENT ..that i am willing to use)..

jcallery posted this 12 December 2018

Hi gdimadis,




A few things to note before we get started:


1. You will need to have the Ansys applications installed on the machine you want to send the jobs to (PC B) in addition to RSM.


2. This setup will work for a single user sending to a single remote machine.  Basically meaning your user from PC A to PC B

 On PC B


1. Install the RSM Manager:


Open an Admin Command prompt (start -> type cmd -> Right click on Command Prompt and select "Run As Administrator")


c:\program files\ansys inc\v180\RSM\bin\AnsConfigRSM -mgr


This will require that port 9180 be open on PC B.  If you could I would first start with the firewall disabled, so that is one less variable that we have to worry about.


2. On PC A, open the RSM Cluster Config (like you did)


Click the Blue Plus in the upper left to create a new Cluster Configuration


In the "Cluster" tab, fill in the "Name" field with whatever you like


In the "Submit Host" field fill in the name of PC B


For Cluster Type Select "ARC"


Click Apply.


Go to the File Management Tab


Select "RSM Internal File Transfer" 


For the "Cluster Staging Directory" put in a directory that you have access to on PC B (eg. c:\temp)


Click Apply


Go to the "Queues" tab.


Click the "Refresh/Import" button.


That should ask you for your password (if it is not already saved)


Go to the "Queues" tab.


Click the "Refresh/Import" button.

That should ask you for your passwrd (if it is not already saved)


 In the username field fill in your domain\your user (eg. myschool\usera)

 Once done, it should list the queues that are set up be default for ARC.  This would be "Default" and "Local"


Click Apply.


Now click submit on the "Default" queue.


Then when the "Report" icon shows up, click on that.


Then right click in the report and select "View Debug Messages"




Please let us know how that goes.


Thank you,



gdimadis posted this 12 December 2018

Hi Tsiriaks

Thanks for your interest.

No The software is provided to university-users by central university IT service (permission to be installed and run only in static IPs of university network sockets), and they probably haven't interest on upgrading it.

Just in case I realize any fault i did on my setting steps, is it possible to provide your Complete RSM setup steps? 

May be I realize what i did wrong..even if the steps are not exaclty the same..


Thanks again !

tsiriaks posted this 11 December 2018

Hi gdimadis,

Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with RSM 18.0.

RSM 18.1 or newer versions are totally different than that in 18.0 and I'm only familiar with these later versions structures.

Any chance you can upgrade to later version ? If so, I can provide a complete RSM setup steps for these recent versions.



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gdimadis posted this 11 December 2018