Ribbon Speaker Bass Foil Deformation Simulation

  • Last Post 04 February 2019
LeeQian95 posted this 26 January 2019

Hello everyone,

I am currently an undergraduate who is undertaking a project related to ribbon speakers for my final year. For my project, I am trying to include an ANSYS simulation of the deformation and internal stresses of the bass ribbon [a thin sheet of aluminium foil] when it interacts with the array of permanent magnets behind it.

Based on what I found, the most suitable simulation tool would be Maxwell 3D which I used to generate the magnetic field and force of the permanent magnets. The results generated were then linked to the setup cell in a static-structural block which I used to study the stresses and deformation of the bass ribbon accordingly.

However, I am unsure if the method that I am using is correct. Ideally, it would be fantastic if I could directly establish an interaction between the magnet's magnetic field and bass ribbon within a single simulation.

Therefore, I was hoping if anyone could provide me with advice as to whether the simulation method that I am using is appropriate or is there a better alternative. Any form of guidance would be deeply appreciated.

Thank You!!

Peter Serano posted this 04 February 2019

You can do this with ANSYS 'Workbench'. It will allow you to link the solved fields from Maxwell into the Mechanical solver.

Peter Serano - Senior Application Engineer - High Frequency Products