Round simply supported beam analysis

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Rajmahendra posted this 5 days ago

Sir I am having a "round cross section beam" which is simply supported (i.e fixed support at one end and displacement at other end ) having force at the center ( at mid point ) on top surface of the round 3d beam.

So my question is that how to apply this constraints of fixed support and displacement (i.e either on surface or edge or point) for simply supported beam. And how to apply force at the "mid point" of the outer surface of round beam.

I'm using ansys aim 18.1

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 3 days ago

Hi Raj,

  Please go through the tutorials, I previously provided.

I will explain it here:

First, All you would have to do to create a fixed support is to right click on the face and select this condition:

Then do the same for displacement at the other end and enter the values:

Lastly, select the 2 vertices of the circles and insert a force as shown in the middle:

This will result in the following results:

Hope this helps.



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Rajmahendra posted this 2 days ago

Sir thanks for the explanation, But I'm still in a doubt, i.e as in the case of "square" cross section simply supported beam, we apply fixed support to the "edge" of rectangular beam and displacement to "edge" at the other end of the beam ( by setting the respective axis to free and constant).

Similarly, if we consider the case of simply supported beam with round cross section, where we have to apply the fixed support and displacement i.e either on edge or point of circular cross section.

Because, as shown by you sir if we apply the fixed support to the surface of round cross section it will lead to the case of cantiliver beam.

I'm using ansys aim 18.1

SandeepMedikonda posted this 2 days ago


  You can just as well pick an edge for the circular cross-section, all you would have to do is to turn on Edge selection as shown:



Rajmahendra posted this 5 hours ago

  • Thank u sir for the response, so sir as shown by you that edge has to be chosen, sir but I am having different options here.

Thus sir Just make me to know that which option has to be chosen ( from the image shown) for fixed support and roller support in round cross section "simply supported beam"?

Also, for this support "where" I have to apply it either on edge/surface/vertice for fixed support and roller support?

 (Here the image shows the front view of a round simply supported beam with a fixed support on one end and roller support at another )

I really appreciate you sir, for responding to every post.