Round simply supported beam analysis

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Rajmahendra posted this 5 days ago

Hello, My question is how to apply displacement and fixed suport in simply supported beam (round cross section)?? And also where to apply this force and displacement either on edge/ surface/ point?? And how it should be done in ansys aim

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SandeepMedikonda posted this 5 days ago

Hi, Please check out these ANSYS(AIM) tutorials and if you still have questions, post an image and explain?

If you are looking to do something like this in Mechanical, please see here and it also contains an example of a 4 point bending test.



peteroznewman posted this 5 days ago

I replied to a duplicate discussion here.

Rajmahendra posted this 4 days ago

No sir I'm not getting to how to apply constraints as in my case.

I am having a "round cross section beam" which is simply supported (i.e fixed support at one end and displacement at other end ) having force at the center ( at mid point ) on top surface of the round 3d beam.

So my question is that how to apply this constraints of fixed support and displacement (i.e either on surface or edge or point) for simply supported beam. And how to apply force at the "mid point" of the outer surface of round beam.

I'm using ansys aim 18.1

peteroznewman posted this 3 days ago

Sandeep replied in this duplicate discussion.