Rosette direction issue due to Geometry limits

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Zizi96 posted this 23 November 2017


I'm trying to model a composite monocoque as part of my final year university project.  In order to model the composite laminates I need to split my model into 2 sections so I can define separate rosette directions for the left and right side of the model to ensure the laminate can be built inwards on both sides of the model.

However when i attempt to split the model into 2 sections in Design modeler I exceed the geometry limits (model has 444 surfaces) resulting in workbench refusing to save my new geometry preventing me from sectioning my model, thus preventing me from defining separate Rosette directions for the left and right side of the model.

Is there any way around this geometry limit?

Alternatively is there anyway to ensure ACP models the laminate inwards for both the left and right sides of the monocoque?

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peteroznewman posted this 23 November 2017

You need to access an ANSYS Research license instead of the Student license. Does your University engineering lab have a Research license?


vganore posted this 24 November 2017

Are you a part of any student competition team?

Vishal Ganore,

vganore posted this 22 January 2018

Here is the feedback I got from one of my colleague:

The lay-up direction is not governed by rosettes in ACP. Builiding in two directions (upward and downward for example) can be achieved by using two Oriented Selection Sets with opposing orientation directions.   A Rosette is used to define the in-plane 0 degree reference direction (yellow arrows). The orientation direction of the Oriented Selection Set defines your off-plane lay-up direction (purple arrows).   No need to change the geometry for this.

Vishal Ganore,

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