rotational combin14 spring

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julsmo posted this 08 June 2018

Hi all

hoping this is only a simple question. just trying to model a rotational spring (like in the picture) for now about one axis but can't get it to work, but it doesn't show an error in ansys. It just seems like there is no spring at all.

Can someone please help me with a code for that?


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SandeepMedikonda posted this 02 July 2018

Hello julsmo,

  I've noticed that this question wasn't answered for while. Are you still having this problem?

  Please check out this tutorial and see if you are following all the steps correctly. There's also an APDL code on the last slide.

  Hope this helps!



julsmo posted this 03 July 2018

Thanks for answering. I solved the problem in the meantime.