Hi all,

         I'm currently doing a rotational motion simulation in 2D Transient Analysis and I have a problem with the motion of the system. I'm doing a simple pendulum with a magnet as the pendulums bob and a cylindrical conductor at a distance d. I have assigned the band for the motion of the pendulum excluding the conductor, I added mechanical transient in the motion window and specified the load torque as well as the Inertia and the damping, when reviewing the results I noticed that the system moves in the opposite direction even though I had established the conditions for the load torque which makes no sense. I even took the conductor out and tried to simulate the pendulum without damping, which only the gravity is acting upon it and I still have the same problem, in which it goes down, and suddenly goes up again. Can someone help me resolve this? thanks in advance. I have attached the model with and without the conductor.Result first going downward (negative angular velocity)Result after 0.1 sec going upward (positive angular velocity)