Run SpaceClaim .scscript script from ANSYS Workbench Journal File.

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ellecapp posted this 28 February 2020

Hi everyone,

I'm trying to automatize the workbench setup and simulation running.

I've prepared a .scscript that works properly in SpaceClaim. Now I want to run this script from a Workbench Journal file.

I've written these lines for the Workbench Journal file but it doesn't generate the geometry:

system1 = GetSystem(Name="Geom")

geometry1 = system1.GetContainer(ComponentName="Geometry")



DSscript = open("C:\Users\%my_path%\script_v2.scscript")

DSscriptcommand =


geometry1.SendCommand(Command = DSscriptcommand)



Do you know how to do it?


Many Thanks!

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Kremella posted this 16 March 2020


I'd recommend trying to record a journal as opposed to starting from scratch. Please use the Discovery AIM and Workbench Scripting Guide for detailed help on how to script in WB?

Here is a link to the WorkBench users guide which discusses how to record journal files on WB.

Here is a link to the Discovery AIM and Workbench Scripting Guide.

Unfortunately, as per our support policy, we will not be able to debug custom scripts on the community.

If you are having issues with opening these links - here is a post you should refer to.

I hope this helps.

Thank you.

Best Regards,


atulsingh92 posted this 25 March 2020

No it doesn't help,

I too tried the following


I want space claim to open a .pmdb format and save it in scdoc format from workbench. For this I

1) Start Record workbench journal - load a geometry standalone -> open spaceclaim - > file, open my pmdb file -> save in scdoc file ->  stop recording the journal.


I get the following output


# encoding: utf-8
# 2019 R2
template1 = GetTemplate(TemplateName="Geometry")
system1 = template1.CreateSystem()
geometry1 = system1.GetContainer(ComponentName="Geometry")


The point I am trying to make is, it (the workbench scripting), did not record either my load pmdb file , or my save scdoc step.


How can I get this from workbench scripting.?