Running Polyflow across multiple cluster nodes

  • Last Post 25 May 2020
allenpvar posted this 22 May 2020


I have access to a cluster that has 10x NVIDIA Tesla P100. The configuration is setup so that there are 5 GPU node servers with 2 Tesla GPU's connected to each.

1. Is there a way I can run polyflow in batch mode, across all the server nodes thereby utilizing all 10 GPU's

2. Is there a way I can combine running polyflow in CPU (to increase available memory) and GPU (to maximize computing)


Currently I am able to run polyflow on a single node utilizing a maximum of 2 GPU's

Current approach:

I have been attempting to run Polyflow in batch mode using the command,

polyflow -ES full -acc nvidia -na 2 -s polyflow.p3rc -MGR -default_output -th 32 < polyflow.dat > polyflow.lst


Screenshot from polyflow.lst:


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bducoeur posted this 25 May 2020


Polyflow runs using shared memory parallel only, not distributed memory. That means, it cannot use cores on more than one compute node.

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